Manta S.A. is a Polish company with 20 years of experience, which came into existence as a result of young people’s passion for the world of computers, games and virtual reality of the Internet. Initially, the company conquered the market of DVD players (over 5.5 million devices sold) and then focused on the production of DVD-T decoders (over 1 million devices sold) and tablets, to enter the market of smartphones in 2013. Along with consumer electronics equipment, Manta develops its range of home appliances and can about achieving great successes in this area. The introduction of a new service and technical assistance (RMA) contributed to the company’s development, as it extended the range and quality of the provided services. 

Manta S.A. supports Polish education and sport and is the official partner of the Polish national football team.

It is worth emphasising that the company has been constantly expanding its sales network into other countries, which makes Manta brand products better recognised in the majority of European and EMEA region countries.




Manta S.A. distributes its products mainly through large, specialised and nation-wide retail chains. It also cooperates with distribution companies operating in Europe and the EMEA region. The strong assets of the company are short delivery time and comprehensive customer service. In 2009, Manta started the construction of its own international logistics centre. The centre will be located on 5.3ha plot along S8 route through Radzymin – Wyszków. 


Why Manta?

This is the first company in Poland to enter into a license agreement with Phillips. Moreover, it also concluded a license agreement with Rovi- Macrovision, the Association of Polish Authors and Composers (ZAIKS) as well as all necessary licenses required by such a vast scope of products.
Manta Multimedia won the prestigious “Euro Leader of 2007 Market Leader” title in the “Company” category, and its products were numerously called the most popular on the market.

Manta is a guarantee of quality confirmed by ISO certificates: